Apple Bread

  Sick of pumpkin yet?  How about you switch gears and give the apple the love and attention it so rightly deserves?  It doesn’t get easier than this apple bread.  One bowl, 10 minutes, fall flavor explosion. I get a kick out of calling this apple bread.  It’s really a cake, leaning towards the consistency … Continue reading Apple Bread

Strawberry Basil Ice Cream

Strawberries and basil were made for each other; they just didn’t know it yet.  But you set them up on a blind date, and BAM, love at first bite.  This is strawberry ice cream elevated.  On your tongue, you immediately taste strawberries.  As the sweet cream softens in your mouth, the fresh, herby flavor of … Continue reading Strawberry Basil Ice Cream

Fresh Pasta

When I sat outside at a picnic table eating this heavenly pasta, I was in a state of euphoria.  The expression, “I couldn’t be happier” came out of my mouth repeatedly.  It was the truth.  I was totally consumed by the present moment. It wasn’t until half way through my plate of pasta that I … Continue reading Fresh Pasta

Crème Fraîche

Remember that time that I had an awesome food blog, and then I switched host companies and lost all my content?  No, you don’t?  I do.  And it broke my heart, and I cried.  I was sad.  And I gave up food blogging.  And then I said, “Get over it.  Start over.” And so it … Continue reading Crème Fraîche